Hacked By SeCuR!TY DR@G0N
I Hack This Site To Send A message From Syria
We love our leader Bashar Al Assad and syrian army support them untill death
We don't attack any one, we just defend on our country and ourlselves
In respone to your government's support of terrorist cells, Located in several cities in Syria, kidnap and kill Syrians, and implement the most heinous massacres, Sush as the Hula massacre with killed 108 perople, include 50 children, mostly under the age of ten, We Hack this Site as a clear message that we send by the name of the great Syrian people to the government of your country
USA government and its tails (Sudia , Qatar and Turkey governments) are using the media to falsify facts, they support the terrorist groups ( ISIS, Al-Nusra front and so many others )
Keep your hands off out country we will not forgive or forget
Our Leader Bashar Al Assad
I think the pictures take
Our Army Syrian Army
Revolution Achievement ( Crimes )
Attack civilians ( most of them children ,students, and women) , Explosions, destroying Syria and Syrian economy
Every day non-less than 5 mortar shells thrown on civilian in most cities
Some of explosions from 2011 till 2013 :
Date Location
23/12/2011 two explosions Damascus
6/2/2012 Al-Midan ,Damascus
12/2/2012 Al Thawra St, Damascus
27/4/2012 Al-Midan ,Damascus
10/5/2012 Al Qazzaz, Damascus
8/6/2012 Qudsaya, Rif Dimashq
21/6/2012 Al Thawra St, Damascus
28/6/2012 Palace of Justice, Damascus
7/2012 Palace of Justice, Damascus
11/8/2012 Al Thawra St, Damascus
12/12/2012 Kafr Sousa, Damascus
19/12/2012 Palace of Justice, Damascus
12/2/2013 Al Thawra St, Damascus
End of /2/2013 Rukneddine, Damascus
End of/2/2013 Barzeh, Damascus
21/3/2013 Hai Al-Mazraa, Damascus
29/4/2013 Mezzeh, Damascus
30/5/2013 Al Zahera, Damascus
The list is so big so i can't put it all here ...
Greetz to : Syrian army heroes
Special thanks to : Russia, China
Special Fuck To : Sudia, Qatar, Turkey Government
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./Jesus Bless & Protect us